Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1918


Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1918


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Lincoln Library - History


Board meeting notes for 1918 included in loose leaf notebook number 1 of handwritten board notes from 1916 - 1930.


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Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas


Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas




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Lincoln Library Board Members, “Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1918,” Medicine Lodge Digital Collections , accessed May 12, 2021,

Medicine Lodge Kans
Feb. 2 – 1918
Library Board met on the above date in the Library room on the above date President Mrs. Bucher in chair.
Bills as follows were allowed
Bill from Gaylord Bros. for supplies received Oct. 31.17 & Nov 16. 14.10
Bill for Traveling Lib & _____________ 2.15

Clara Groendyke reported on Cataloging Library as far as Juvenile & Fiction
Motion made and carried that the Library be let to the Red Cross Offices to do Clerical work also for meetings of Red Cross Executive Board
Fuel and expenses to be furnished by the city for same
Motion carried that Librarian be instructed to get two Traveling Libraries.
Sec. instructed by Pres. To make out a report to City Council
Received for fines for Dec & Jan. 4.35
The following Officers were elected for the following Year. *
President Mrs. Bucher
Vice Pres. Mr. Minick
Sec. Mrs. Stout
Treas. Miss Benefiel
Pg. 2
Mr. Minick was retained as member of Board with the consent of Mayor Griffin.
President reappointed following Com.
Finance Com. Mr. Griffin, Mr Minick
Miss Groendycke.
Librarian Com. Mrs McCague Mrs Smidley
Miss Benefiel
Mrs. M. B Kathrens for Librarian 8.00
Building & Ground Com. Mrs Myers Mr Munick Mrs Field
Extension Com. Mrs Field Mrs Skinner Miss Growendycke
It was decided to meet at the home of Mrs McCague.
Motion to adjourned accepted.
Ora Stout Sec. L. B.

Jan 3 - 18
Bill to W S Benefiel Hdw Co 1.00
Coal Hod (50) and Padlock (20) – acct forwarded = $1.70
Nov 8. ’17 To J R Young
Fo 4 Tubes Paste by Mrs Kathrins .40
Oct 19 and Nov 12-15 To Gun Drug Co
Fo Lib Paste .70
Nov: Librarian Mrs K. for Librarian 8.00
Money advanced and paid out by Fines 10.00

February 2 – 18
Library Board met on above date in Library room President Mrs Bucher in chair
Bills as follows allowed.
Bill from Gaylord 14.10
Bill from Librarian for Dec & Jan 16.00
Clara Groendycke reported o Cataloging Library as far as Juvenile & fiction
Motion carried that the Library room be let out to the Red Cross for the meeting of the Executive Board for Clerical work and meeting of the R C. Officers
Motion carried that Librarian be instructed to get two traveling Library
Sec instructed by Pres to make out a report for City Council
Bill of $2.15 for Traveling Library for ________________ allowed to Librarian
Fines received from Librarian for Jan and Dec. $4.35
Election of Officers were now in Order. The Officers of Preceding year wer all reelected and with much pleasure to themselves.
No further business we adjourned Ora Stout

April 8 – “18
Call meeting of Library Board met on above date for business at the home of Mrs McCague.
The following Bills were allowed
For Librarian for Feb and March $16.00
“ New Books 4.50
“ Magazines 23.50
“ P. O. Box rent 1.00
Coal Bucket & Pad Lock
Benefiel Hdw Co
Library Com was instructed to investigate the books needed in Library
President placed Mr Minick in Extension Com in place of Mrs Skinner This Com was instructed to place shelves as needed in Library
President instructed Sec to write to Mr Kerr of Emporia and find out about affiliating with the A. L. association
The Ground Com was instructed to go ahead and fix yard and get a man to help keep the yard.
Motion for adjournment was accepted.
Ora Stout

May 4 – ‘18
Medicine Lodge, Kans.
Library Board met on above date at the Library Building
Mrs Bucher Pres. Presiding
The report from Library Com. reported and accepted and ______ was instructed to buy Books mentioned in report. And draw an order from Treas ____________________
Report from Ground Com reported and report accepted said Com was instructed to buy frass seed for yard
Extension Com reported on shelves for Library
Bills allowed
Librarian for April 8.00
Trav. Lib 4.50
Note Book for Tras Lib, Paste & Pens .30
Reeived $4.40 for Fines
No further business motion to adjourne accepted.
Mrs Ora Stout

Medicine Lodge Kans.
Aug 17 – ‘18
Library Board met on above date in Library rooms.
Pres Mrs Bucher in chair
Mrs Myers Asst Librarian handed in her Resignation – Resignation was accepted Miss Maude Benefiel was elected to fill the fill the vacancy.
Motion made & carried that Board subscribe Five ($5) Dollars to the American Library Ass. For membership.
Communication from Public _________________ League read – ordered laid on table Indefinitely.
Secy was instructed to fill in Blank for Advertisement for Library War Work.
Bills allowed as follows.
Librarian for June & July $16.00
Geo Dickerson Work on yard 2.00
Herbert Cook Work on yard 1.50
P. O. Box rent 1.00
Mr Minick – Freight and Dray on War Books. 1.50

Motion made and carried that Mr Minick be instructed to keep up the needed repairs on Library building as needed
pg. 2
Motion made and carried that all back number of magazines be gathered together and used for Canteen Work service at Kiowa Kans –
Fines collected for June & July 6.65
Motion to adjourne to the call of the President. Motion carried.
Ora Stout

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