Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1919


Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1919


Medicine Lodge, Kansas -- History

Lincoln Library - History


Board meeting notes for 1919 included in loose leaf notebook number 1 of handwritten board notes from 1916 - 1930.


Lincoln Library Board Members


Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas


Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas




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Lincoln Library Board Members, “Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1919,” Medicine Lodge Digital Collections , accessed October 4, 2022,

Officers for 1919
Pres. J H Minick
V Pres. Mrs Laura Lindley
Secy Ora Stout
Treas Maude Benefiel
Librarian Mrs M B. Kathrins
Asst Lib. Miss Maude Benerfiel

Officers for 1920
Pres Mr Minick J. H.
V Pres Ora Stout
Secy. Edyth Myers
Treas. Maude Benefiel
Librarian Mrs M. B. Kathrins
Asst Lib Maude Benefiel

Medicine Lodge Kans.
Feb. 9 – ‘19
A Regular meeting of the Library Board met in Library room on above date. Pres in chair.
Min of Aug 17 – ’18 read and approved
Bills allowed as follows -
To Mrs M. B. Kathrins
Trav. Library 4.00
Librarian 8
Freight on Trav Library .25
Total 12.25
Com on Building & Grounds reported.
Com on Library reported.
The following Officers for 1919 was elected
Pres. J H Minick
V. Pres. Mrs Laura Lindley
Sec. Ora Stout
Treas Maude Benefiel
Asst Lib.
Sec instructed by Pres. To buy a _________ for the use of magazines.
Trav Lib book “Out of the Clear Sky” reported lost – Marie Thompson Davies
Fines collected for Sept Oct. Nov. Dec Jan. $9.70
Ora Stout

Medicine Lodge Kans.
April 3 – ‘19
A meeting of the Library Board met on abhove date in the Library building
Pres. Mr Minick in charge
The Library Book Committee instructed to renew all magazines who’s time had expired
Bills allowed
Rubber Stamp (Ora Stout) - .35
For Freight on War books (Mr Minick) .35
P. O. Box rent 1.00
Librarian (Mrs Kathrins) Feb & Mch 16.00
For Trav. Lib an Sundries 5.41
Total 23.17
Treas. Instructed by Pres to buy Broom for Library
Mrs Dillman was appointed by Council to fill unexpend term of Mrs Bucher
Mrs Lindley was reappointed by Coucil as her term at expend
Fines collected for Feb & Mch 4.00
No further business meeting adjourned
Ora Stout

May 3 – ‘19
Medicine Lodge Kans
Library Board met on above date in Library Room Pres Mr Minick in chair
Min of April 5 read and approved
Bills Allowed as follows
Mrs M. B. Kathrins Librarian 8.50
Mr Giles for work on yard 7.75
Total 16.25
Fines collected for April 1.70
Tres instructed by Pres to apply for $100.00 from council to much expenses for Library
Pres appointed Mrs Dillman on Frince Com.
Meeting adjourned
Ora Stout

May 31 – 19.
No meeting – Fines collected for May $4.80
President instructed Secy to write order on Treas for all bills due.
Librarian for May 8.00
Badger Lumber Co 3.70
Gem Drug Co .80
M. A. Warrington 5.85
June Fines 2.96

Aug 30 – ‘19
Aug 30 – ‘19
Library met on above Date Pres Mr Minick in chair
Minutes of May 3rd read and approved
Bills allowed
Mrs M. B. Kathrens Librarian 16.
“ “ “ Books 2.47
Library Association June 1-19 to 20 5.00

Motion made and carried that Maude Benefiel Asst Librarian assist Mrs Kathrens clasify and catalogue Books. Assisted by Mrs McCague. approved
Motion made and carried that Library be kept open during Fair.
Fines collected for May 4.80
having been collected before June 2.90
7.70 July 4.00
Aug 3.10
Total 7.10
It was decided to have a rack made for magazines. For Library room
No further business. Adjournment was in order
Ora Stout

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