Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1920


Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1920


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Board meeting notes for 1920 included in loose leaf notebook number 1 of handwritten board notes from 1916 - 1930.


Lincoln Library Board Members


Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas


Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas




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Lincoln Library Board Members, “Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1920,” Medicine Lodge Digital Collections , accessed June 22, 2024,

- 1920 –
Members of Lincoln City Lib Board
Mr Minick
Mrs Ora Stout
Mrs Edyth Myers
Miss Maude Benefiel
Mrs H W Skinner
Mrs S I Field – Glenola Wilkins
Mrs Hardin Gilbert
Mrs W H McCague
Mrs Ezra Nixon
Mrs M B. Kathrens
Mr Sam Griffin Mr Orr.

Committees for 1920 –
Finance Com -
Mr Sam Griffin Mrs Ora Stout Mrs Nixon
Library Com -
Mrs Skinner H. W. Mrs McCague
Mrs Gilber Mis Maude Benefiel Mrs Kathrens Mrs Nixon
Com. on Bulding and Ground
Mrs Myers. Mrs Field Wilkin and Mr Minick
Com – on Extension
Mr Field Mrs Nixon Stout

Medicine Lodge Kans -
Feb. 28 – ‘20
A Board meeting of Lincoln City Library met on above date with Pres. Minick in chair Being a stormy night only five members present.
Min of Nov 29 read and approved.
Bills allowed as flows -
Librarian Mrs Kathrins $20.00
Election of officers were in order and the following officers were elected for one year
Pres. J H Minick
V Pres. Ora Stout
Secy. Edyth Myers
Maude Benefiel Treas
Motion made & carried that a Pay shelf be placed in Lib and a charge of ten cents per work be charged for the loan of one book. – The Books placed on thei shelf will be the new & late editions when paid for will be placed in free Library
Motion made and carried that a Sum of $100.00 be set aside for the Library Book Committee
pg. 2
New Committee appointed by the Pres.
Library Book Com.
Mrs McCage Maude Benefiel Mrs Kathrins
Finance Com -
Saue Griffin as chairman
Mrs Skinner Mrs Stout
Com on Extension
Mrs Field as Chairman
Mrs Nixon – Mrs Stout.
The Book Committee was instructed to meet with Librarian and sonsult her about Books as needed.
Fines Collected for Feb. 3.65
After a General Discussion on the needs of Library room and ways of bettering Library meeting adjourned
Ora Stout

Medicine Lodge Kansas.
April 10 – 1920
Library board met on above date with Mr Minick President in the chair.
Minutes of last meeting were read & approved.
Bills allowed as follows
Badger Lumber Co (Coal) 3.95
Mrs Katrens (Salary, Books etc.) 24.84
Maude Benefiel Treas/Mag. PO Box rent 35.20
Treas was authorized to draw $100 from City Council, a voucher was drawn according.
Moved & Seconded that the Book committee order books as per corrected list (carried
Moved & Seconded that the opening days for library went back to old Bye-law opening Wed. Sat & Sat eve. And Sunday afternoon to take effect May 1st. motion carried
Mrs Kathrens gave notice that in all probability she will have to resign as Librarian to take up other works, this news deeply grieves the Board, as Mrs Kathrens place will be hard to fill

pg. 2
Receipts were
Fines & Dues 3.80
A motion to adjourne was then carried.
Edith Myers

Nov 29 – ‘20
Library Board met on above date with Pres. Mr Minick in chair
Minutes of Aug 30 read and approved as read.
General discussion in regard to money by which to run City Library
Maryor Griffin explained and settled the question satisfactory
Bills allowed.
Mrs M. B. Kathrens for Librarian and sundries by her - 18.39
The __________________ of new Books as __________________ by chairman of Book Com – was discussed
Was decided to wait until the meeting on Jan. 31 before taking further action on the subject.
The Community Club has requested the _________________ of meeting in the Lib room. The 2nd and 4th Friday of each mo. agreeing to pay their own expenses The request was discussed and put to a motion motion carried in favor of the Request. The Subject of keeping Library open Tues Wed. Thurs. Sat. & Sat evening & Sunday afternoons
pg. 2
of each week was fully discussed before the Board motion was made that the Library after Jan 1 1920 be kept open Tues. Wed Thursday Sat & Sat night eve – and Sunday after noons.
motion carried.
Motion made and carried that after Jan 1 1920 that Librarians salary beraised to $20.00 Per mo.
Fines and ____ fees Sept Oct & Nov. $13.35
No further business motion to adjourne was carried.
Ora Stout

June 5 – 1920
Library Board met on above date with President Minick in the chair, & 5 members present.
Minutes of last meeting were read & approved.
Bill of Mrs Kathrens for 2 months salary was allowed $40.00 & .50 for ______. Total 40.50
Motion made & carried that the library be closed on Sunday Afternoon until Sept 1st.
Motion made & carried that Mrs Kathrens be re – instated as Librarian & Mrs. Gilbert & Nixon were appointed to notify applicants for Librarian that Mrs Kathrens was re-appointed.
Meeting adjourned
Bills 40.50
Dues & Fines 6.70
Maude Benefiel
Secy. P. T.

July 31, 1920
Library Board met on above date with 6 members present, & Mr Minick Pres. In the chair
Minutes of last meeting were approved after correction.
Bill for Mrs Kathrens, for salary & expenses $40.50 was allowed.
The new Book, The Search, has several pages missing & Miss Benefiel Secy of Book Committee is instructed to get in communication with Book Company in regard to it.
Mrs Stout & Nixon were appointed as a Committee to meet with the Council to see if our funds could not be placed to our account in the bank & avoid drawing a voucher every month.
Treas was authorized to draw 100.00
Bills 40.50
Fines & dues 9.15
Edith Myers

Oct – 2 – 1920
Library Board met on above date with Mr Minick President in the chair & 4 members present.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved
Bill for Librarian’s salary & supplies amt to $42.03, also bill of $25.00 for book committee was allowed
Mr Griffin said he would arrange to have all checks honored at the bank to make it a little more convenient for the treasurer.
Motion was made that all new books, also books on pay shelf be listed in the Index. Motion carried.
On motion it was decided that book Committee must received & approve all new books before sending them over to Librarian, motion carried
Motion made that we open Library on
pg. 2
Tues. Wed. Thursday & Sat afternoons also Sat evening, for benefit of School children carried.
It was moved & seconded that Asst. Librarian, catalogue all new books. (carried)
Motion was presented that no cards shall be destroyed or rewritten without the consult & approval of Librarian. motion carried.
Bills Librarian 42.03
Book Committee 25.00 67.03
Fines & Dues 5.50
Pay shelf 6.45
No further business, board adjourned
Edith Myers

Medicine Lodge Kans
Dec 4 ‘20
Library met on above date Mr Minick Pres in chair 5 members present.
Min of last meeting read and approved
Bills allowed as follows.
Badger Lumber Co Coal 4.55
RM Gibson 8.00
Fo stamps .10
3 pencils .15
Tablet .10
Paste .25
Comp Book. .20
Service Librarian Nov and Dec. 40.00
Fines received 6.00
Motion made & carried that Treas be instructed to draw check for 6.45 ________ favor of chairman of book Com to _________ a deposit of pay shelf money made to _____
Motion made & carried that Treas be instructed to buy 10,000 Berrows cards at once.
No further business. Board adjourned
Disbursments O $53.32
Receipts Fines 6.20

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