Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1924


Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1924


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Board meeting notes for 1924 included in loose leaf notebook number 1 of handwritten board notes from 1916 - 1930.


Lincoln Library Board Members


Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas


Lincoln Library, Medicine Lodge, Kansas




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Lincoln Library Board Members, “Lincoln Library Board Meeting Notes 1924,” Lincoln Library, accessed August 22, 2019,

Officers for 1924
President Mr J H Minick
V President. Erie Gilbert
Secy. Ora Stout
Treas. Maude Benefiel

Members for 1924
J H Minick
Erie Gilbert.
Ora Stout
Maude Benefiel
Glenola Wilkins
Lula Skinner
Edyth Myers
Liccie McCague
M E. Kathrens
Jessie Nixon

Medicine Lodge -
Jan 5 – 1924
Library Board of Lincoln City Library met on Jan. 6th. Six members present. President Mr Minick in chair.
Bills were allowed to the following.
To Mrs MB Kathrens. For Librarian Dec. 20.00
“ J H. Minick Balance on Painting 19.50
“ OT Thim. - Books
“ Maude Benefiel for Mrs Kathrens. Christmas offering 20.00
Fines Collected for Dec 14.15
Motrion made that we pay Librarian Twenty four ($24.00) per month. Motion carried.
Election of Officers being in order the following officers were elected.
Mr. J H Minick Pres.
Mrs Erie Gilbert V. Pres.
Mrs Ora Stout Secy.
Mrss Maude Benefiel Treas.
No further business meeting adjourned.
Ora Stout Secy.
Receipts in Fines 4.15
Disbursement 59.50

June 29 – ‘24
Board met on above date with 6 members present. Mr Minick the Pres. In chair
Bills allowed.
Librarian for May and June $48.00
for Paste .50
Fines collected for May & June $4.45
To J. H. Minick for repair screens cleaning Lawn & hawling ashes 5.15
No further business motion to adjourne and receiving a second. We adjourned
Ora Stout
Fines July $1.20 Aug. 2.25

Medicine Lodge Kans.
Oct 4 ‘24
City Library Board met on above date.
Mr Minick President presiding
Min of June 29th read and approved.
A Voucher was made for $200.00 for expenses for Library for the council to act on.
Fines collected for Sept. 2.40
Disbursements for Librarian 24.00
no further business to come before the Board. Meeting closed –
Ora Stout

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Loose leaf notebook pages inside are 9 1/2 X 7 1/2 and 8 X 10 1/4. The notebook cover is 7 3/4 X 9 13/16.